Service essentials

Keep service department organized and professional with these easy-to-use tags.
Write information right on tag and attach keys without a ring!

Interior protection

Protect your customer's steering wheel from dirt, grease, and germs.
Maintain a professional image and show the customer that cleanliness is your goal.

EST. 1986
Genuine Vehicle Service Products for over 30 years.

Our 2-ply plastic film technology, which became patented as Slip-N-Grip by Paul Keiswetter in 1985, launched Petoskey Plastics into the OEM automotive industry with contracts from automakers in the 80s.

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The World Leader in Vehicle Service Products

Slip-N-Grip® is a division of Petoskey Plastics serving the automotive aftermarket with a variety of vehicle protection products that help exceed customer expectations and keep them coming back. The Slip-N-Grip® product line includes everything from floor mats to service reminder printers; whatever you need for vehicle service operations.

Earn Trust from the Start

Slip-N-Grip® seat covers, floor mats and steering wheel covers work beautifully and pull you ahead of the competition. When installed in sight of customers, Slip-N-Grip® coverage products immediately soothe frayed nerves and satisfy customers' important cleanliness concerns. 

Customers equate smooth, transparent plastic with fresh, clean protection.

Patented Coverage that Works

  • Slip-N-Grip® plastic really protects because of the patented design.

    Other seat covers and floor mats can slide or tear, leaving upholstery or carpet exposed.

  • Ordinary plastic sheeting is vulnerable to tear or perforation along it's "grain".

    But Slip-N-Grip® plastics overcome this inherit weakness because they are two-ply, with the grain laid in opposite directions.

  • Slip-N-Grip®'s dual layers have extra elasticity and strength, outperforming even thicker single-ply plastics.

Watch the below video to learn how it works!

The one star rating stems from the grease stains left on the interior door handle, gear shift, steering wheel, floor mat, leather seat and painted wheel rims. We found this service disregard totally needless and this attention to detail completely lacking.


Protect your image & ratings.

If you give a customer a perfect repair and a fair price, but a dirty interior, the only thing they'll remember is the dirty interior.

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