Key Tags

Plastic Key Tags

Keep service department organized and professional with these easy-to-use tags. Write the customer information on the tag and attach keys without a ring!

Can Liners

Industrial Can Liners

Keep the shop floor clean and professional with these sturdy can liners. 3-ply strength technology means you can securely hold heavy duty shop trash without tears or leaks.

Steelcoat Can liners box
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Keep Vehicles Clean. Keep Customers Coming Back.

There's no denying that happy customers are repeat customers, and repeat business is the best way to grow profit in your service operations. Auto service managers around the world recognize this and choose Slip-N-Grip® products to keep vehicles clean and deliver exceptional service to their customers.  

Seat Cover

Vehicle Protection

Seat Covers | Tire Bags | Floor Mats
Supply rack

Service Essentials

Dispatch Numbers | Service Reminders


Slip-N-Grip® interior protection products protect the customer's interior. Don't be caught paying for damage when it's as simple as putting a seat cover, steering wheel cover, and floor mat in the vehicle prior to service.
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