Clean Matters

Clean matters more than you think when it comes to customers’ cars. Grime left on a seat can quickly dissuade a customer from returning in the future. Muddy boot prints left on a vehicle’s carpeting can tank a 5-star review to a 2-star. Keeping customers’ cars clean doesn’t have to be a hassle, though! Slip-N-Grip’s vehicle protection products can be installed in any vehicle.

For full surface coverage, it’s essential to cover the top four touchpoints in a car: driver’s seat, floorboard, steering wheel, and gear shift. These areas come in contact with service technicians frequently, leaving plenty of time for dirt, oil, or grease to stain or be left behind.

Driver’s Seat. Protect upholstery with disposable seat covers. Our multi-layer Slip-N-Grip construction ensures the seat cover stays on the seat when the technician moves in and out of the vehicle. Put on before service and take off afterward to leave the seat untouched.

Floorboards We offer customizable mats to keep your customers’ cars clean while serving as an advertisement for your business. Paper and plastic floor mats protect the carpet from any residue tracked into the vehicle from the service technician’s shoes.

Steering Wheel. Keep dirt, grease, and germs off the surface with a full-coverage protective cover that slips easily over the top and bottom of the wheel. The steering wheel is the most touched interior surface during a car’s service.

Gear Shift. Protect service technicians and customers with a small bag cover on the gear shift. This product also doubles as a parts bag to keep any loose parts from getting lost.

Tires. Although tires are not one of the four touchpoints, they can often make a mess of customers’ vehicles during spring and winter tire changes.

It’s easy to keep all of these products in one place with our Dispensing Rack Start-Up Kit! This sturdy rack can be wheeled around the shop or kept in one position. Options for a customizable brand sign are available. Each dispensing rack kit comes with:

  • Seat Covers 250/roll
  • Paper Floor Mats 250/box
  • Plastic Floor Mats 500/roll
  • Parts Bags or Gear Shift Covers 500/roll
  • Tire Bags 100/roll

Don’t let grime get in the way of an excellent customer rating. Keep your germs and dirt under control with our service protection products. Remember — clean matters!

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