Cleanliness is Key in Auto Aftermarket: How to Boost Customer Satisfaction with Slip-N-Grip® Products

In the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Aftermarket Service Index (ASI) Study, it was found that “[a]ttention to detail boosts customer satisfaction: maintaining a clean service facility –to which customers have become highly sensitized since the pandemic began – can account for higher satisfaction scores.” 

Disinfecting practices, shop cleanliness, and how the interior of the vehicle is kept clean during service have the highest impact on customer satisfaction.

This finding won’t be necessarily surprising to most. What might be is the fact that the survey respondents felt that their expectation of a clean service facility was met less than two-thirds of the time. How can service facilities, and auto dealerships, become cleaner, and help meet customer expectations?

The number one thing customers are likely to be concerned with is disinfecting practices. Not only should you be keeping areas clean to prevent the spreading of germs, but it’s always great to be upfront about cleaning habits and practices. Knowing that you value their health and safety will also improve satisfaction along with giving them the knowledge that your facility is clean.

Another easy way to enhance the facility appearance is to keep floors clean. In the winter months when snow and slush make floors look particularly dirty, make the extra effort to mop and vacuum. 

Additionally, keep areas uncluttered by recycling paper, cardboard, and plastic products. Not only will this enhance the appearance of your facility, but it also will help with sustainability efforts.

To take it a step above, keep the inside of customer’s vehicles clean, too. An easy way to do that is monitor what we call the Essential Touchpoints. The four major touchpoints inside a vehicle that come in close contact with service technicians:

  • Steering wheel
  • Gear shift
  • Driver’s seat
  • Floorboard. 

Slip-N-Grip® offers steering wheel covers, gear shift covers, recyclable seat covers, and paper and plastic floor mats for each of those respective spots. Easily add any of those products to a customer’s vehicle to keep their car clean and their satisfaction standards met.