Creating the Best Service Experience

Getting your car serviced is all about trust. No one likes leaving their car in the hands of someone who might make the situation worse. It’s true, service speaks volumes in terms of retaining customers and ensuring they come back to you the next time they have a car issue. However, creating a welcoming and clean experience is something customers value and remember. 

After aggregating a number of reviews, we found what stands out to customers when leaving a shop: the cleanliness of their vehicle. No one wants to get into their newly serviced car to find grease stains on their steering wheel, door handle, or leather seats. Additionally, finding dirt or mud covering your car floor can be disappointing. These incidents have been reported directly from actual customer experiences. 

Comments from actual dealerships and shops that we’ve collected shows that many customers will just not return and go elsewhere after a bad service experience.

The products listed below offer solutions to these complaints and help to create a lasting impression for your customers beyond receiving a great car service: 

Seat Covers– These recyclable covers not only protect a car’s interior from oil, dirt, and grease, but can also prevent sweat from ending up on the seat during hot workdays. Seat covers are offered in a variety of mil thicknesses and can be easily dispensed from either a roll or box. Slip-N-Grip®’s multi-layer construction ensures that the cover stays in place during service and allows for easy entry and exit with a slick top layer. 

Floor Mats– Customers frequently find dirt or a smudge of grease on the floor of their car when leaving a shop. This can be particularly concerning when the floors are a light color. Yes, it’s difficult to prevent oils or dirt from getting on the bottom of shoes, but it’s easy to prevent that dirt from being transferred directly onto the car floor. Insert a floor mat before servicing a vehicle to eliminate this issue. Choose from a variety of mats including paper floor mats (customizable with company logo), plastic floor mats, or even adhesive floor mats. 

Steering Wheel Covers– An elastic design allows for an easy application and removal and helps to prevent any grease from ending up on the wheel. Additionally, a gear shift cover can add extra protection to the inside of the vehicle. As Natalie Massenet, a famous entrepreneur, once said, “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.” A customer getting oil on their hands after driving away from your shop diminishes the potential to create that positive lasting impression. 

Service Reminders– Oil change reminder labels left in the corner of a customer’s window is the perfect way to remind someone of your services. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Custom printed labels allow for your logo to be seen on every customer’s windshield! Additionally, standard label designs or an easy-to-use label printing service allows for your phone number to constantly be available to your customers. 

Using the tools above can help you create a clean and lasting impression and work towards a great retention rate. Slip-N-Grip® can help you achieve that clean service customers are looking for – just check out our Products page above!