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How to Make Your Dealership Environmentally Friendly

With Earth Day next week, now is the perfect time to reflect on your business’s “green” practices. It is important for your dealership to incorporate more environmentally friendly practices into everyday operations. 

For one, it is better for the environment. Dealership service departments can use toxic materials while working on vehicles and during clean-up. Secondly, earth-friendly practices will help boost your business. A rapidly increasing number of consumers are actively searching for green businesses for products and services. Environmentally stewardship can set you apart from the rest of your competition. Listed below are some easy ways to make your dealership greener. 

Recycle – Make sure there are multiple recycling containers placed in every department of the dealership so recycling is faster and easier. Recycling just paper and plastic used during everyday business operations will significantly reduce the amount of waste your dealership produces. 

Buy in Bulk – Buying in bulk has a few main benefits: it is cheaper, it cuts down on packaging material that requires disposal, and it reduces freight costs. 

Use Products Made from Recycled Material – There are many items that dealerships use every day that can be made with recycled material. Examples include office supplies, shelving and organizational containers, garbage bags and can liners, and vehicle service parts and accessories. 

Use Energy Efficient Lighting & Equipment – This green switch is both easy and cost effective.The ROI for energy efficient lighting is quick and provides long-term savings. Turning off lights, computers, and equipment when they are not being used is another way to reduce energy usage. 

Use Green Building Materials – If you are planning any renovations or building a new dealership, consider companies that use green building materials. Often, green building materials are less expensive since they are made using recycled and repurposed supplies. 

Properly Dispose of Hazardous Materials – Service department materials like oil, air conditioning refrigerant, antifreeze, and other chemical solvents are harmful to the environment. It is important to mitigate any runoff into the drains and to have a proper disposal process for each material. 

Use Non-Toxic Paint, Cleaners, Etc. – Try to use non-toxic paints, cleaners, and degreasers in the service department. Water-based paints are a great alternative to solvent-based paints and coatings and are still vibrantly colored while meeting all OEM standards. Many cleaners used by dealerships have non-toxic versions available to purchase as well.