How to Optimize Fixed Ops

There will be many more cars on the road this summer as the weather warms up and people are restarting their commutes into work or taking their overdue vacations. How can your fixed ops department capitalize on the resurgence of traveling and create a memorable experience that brings customers back time and again?

It all starts with meeting or, even better, exceeding customer needs. Revolution Parts found that value, quality, convenience, and trust were the most important factors to customers when dealing with service providers.

We have broken down these four categories and provided suggestions to help you grow your pool of loyal customers.


  • Offer helpful content on your website and social media spaces. When customers can access your knowledge outside of the shop, that is added value to them. 
  • Another value-add is coupons. One easy way to distribute these is through our Ca$hMat floor mats that keep your customer’s car clean while doubling as advertisements and coupons.


  • Quality can break down into quality of work and quality of service. You may be technically great at what you do, but if you fail to have proper customer service, then customers will not return. You and your team need to be timely, helpful, and informative. 
  • One thing that can set you apart in quality work is keeping the inside of a customer’s vehicle clean. They may not realize what a headache it is to get back a dirty car until they have a great experience with your facility. Our vehicle protection products make this an easy box to check.


  • Your website or online information is likely going to be any potential (or current) customer’s first stop. Have your hours of operation, location, and contact information easily available. You should also have a page dedicated to your service center to help customers know what you offer at your fixed operations department. 
  • Having a branded service reminder sticker will be an added convenience for customers to know when to come back for future service needs. It also serves as a small advertisement to others who happen to notice the reminder on someone’s car. We have both standard and custom static cling labels that will make you and your customers happy. 


  • By continually offering value, quality, and convenience, you are already building trust with customers. When you consistently provide a good experience, customers are likely to return and promote your facility through word-of-mouth. By striving to be and offer the best, you are essentially earning free advertisement from satisfied customers.

Growing your fixed ops loyalty comes down to listening to your customers and finding what they respond best to. Set yourself apart and create a strong brand image that will speak for you. To find the best service and protection products that will keep you and your customers satisfied, visit