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The  Slip-N-Grip® serves the automotive aftermarket with a variety of vehicle protection products that help exceed customers expectations and keep them coming back. 

A Porter’s Nightmare Commercial

Through the eyes of a porter, he sees his worst nightmare- forgetting to shield the car before sending it off for service! After he snaps out of the dream, he remembers he did indeed use the Slip-N-Grip® floor mats, steering wheel cover and seat cover.
This commercial shows the reason these products are so important and the ease of the product installation.

Vehicle Owner’s Version

Ca$hMat Version

Product Informational Videos

Want to know more about our specific products? These videos will give you a more in-depth look.

Service Reminder Labels

Tire Bags

Floor Mats

Performance TV Episode

Floor Rack Start-Up Kit


Instructional Videos

Having trouble with a product? The videos below show you how to use them properly!

Slip-N-Grip® Seat Cover & Floor Mat Installation

GoDex Printer – Keyboard & Power Cords

GoDex Printer – How to Select a Form & Print

GoDex Printer – Ink Ribbon Installation

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