White Page: How distributors can better utilize our website

We want to make sure our distributors are getting everything they can from our website. There are a lot of features on slipngrip.com that we feel distributors can use to their advantage.

The first is familiarizing yourself with the site. Explore each of the menu tabs and see where everything is located. To make it a little easier, we’ve included a brief description of each menu tab below.

The home page includes a brief introduction to Slip-N-Grip® and what we offer. It can feature important news, videos, rankings, and what sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Who We Are
Who We Are goes into more detail about Slip-N-Grip®, such as our history, what countries we serve, how much manufacturing space we have, company culture, who our sales people are, and more! Check out this page to familiarize yourself more with the people and history behind Slip-N-Grip®.

Under the products page, there are links to our sell sheet library and online catalog as well as brief descriptions of our popular products. Products are separated into vehicle protection, service items, and repair items. At the bottom is a complete list of brands we sell.

This page goes more in depth about our technology and manufacturing capabilities. It also features what makes our products unique, including our seat cover contouring and pouch capabilities, 3 and 5 layer film, closure types, and color printing abilities. This should give distributors a good idea about what we can make for them and their customers, as well as how we set ourselves apart from competitive brands. If there are still questions, our sales representatives are always here to help out!

There are actually two pages under the distributor menu tab. If you click directly on the tab that says “Distributors” at the top, it will take you to a page that describes how to become a distributor, what we offer to distributors and who to contact to become a distributor. If you hover over the “Distributor” tab on the menu, a drop-down option titled “Distributor Portal” will appear. This is a new feature that we are developing right now. In the future, if you click on “Distributor Portal,” it will take you to page that will ask for a login to access the content. More to come on this exciting new tool for our valued distributors!

The environment and sustainability are extremely important to our company. In fact, many of our products include post-consumer recycled material that we recycled in-house. The “Sustainability” page has more information about what we recycle, how much we recycle, what we make with the recycled material, and how to join our Sustainability Scorecard Program.

Selling Tools
Like the “Distributors” tab, “Selling Tools” includes several different pages. If you click directly on “Selling Tools,” it will take you to a general page that has links to a product flyer library and a product video library. It also contains contact and general information. If you hover over “Selling Tools,” a drop-down menu will appear with three pages to choose from: “Sell Sheet Library,” “Video Library,” and “Blog.” The “Sell Sheet Library” page has all of our sell sheets available for downloading as well as a link to view our latest product catalog. Our “Video Library” page features all of our commercials as well as informational and instructional videos about our products. These are extremely useful if you’re new to using our products or if you want a little more information to assist your sales efforts. The “Blog” page includes articles, such as how to keep customers coming back and how to capitalize on the aging vehicle market.

Contact Us
This will detail our phone number, email, a form to sign up for our newsletter, as well as the addresses and phone numbers of all of our locations.

Keep an eye out for our social media icons. Located in the top right corner and at the very bottom of the page are icons that will direct you to our social media pages, where you can then follow us. Our social media can be a useful tool for you because we often post about product features, trends in the market, and useful articles, which you can easily share on your own social media accounts.

Another important feature on our website is the “Upload Artwork” page. If you scroll to the bottom of any of the pages, you will see a link that says, “Upload Artwork.” Clicking this link will take you to a page that provides easy to follow, step by step instructions for uploading your artwork if you or a customer needs to send us large files for custom products.

In summary, our website is pretty easy to navigate. Most of the information you need is on there, and if it isn’t, we’re a quick phone call or an email away. We hope this guide helps you find what you need faster!

Slip-N-Grip® is a division of Petoskey Plastics serving the automotive aftermarket with a variety of vehicle protection products that help exceed customer expectations and keep them coming back. The Slip-N-Grip® product line includes everything from seat covers to floor mats to service reminder printers; whatever you need for vehicle service operations.