How to Make Your Dealership More Sustainable

Last year, in honor of Earth Day, we posted “How to Make Your Dealership Environmentally Friendly.” Earth Day may already be behind us this year, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t stay eco-conscious. We have even more ways to keep your dealership green and a few motivators to show why you should make these changes.

  • You will be doing your part to keep our Earth healthy for current and future generations.
  • You might find areas where you reduce the cost of operations through fixes or updates. The U.S. Department of Energy found that sealing leaks and cracks can lower workplace heating and cooling costs by 20%.
  • Your consumers will appreciate your commitment to the environment. More than ever, consumers are willing to spend money with eco-friendly companies.

Audit – The first step in making your workplace more eco-friendly is going through and observing the processes you have in place. Maybe you already have a recycling system set up for paper, but when talking to some of your coworkers, you find out that recycling cans in the break room might be a great next step. Find your blind spots by reaching out to those who work in different spaces than you.

Get a team together – During your audit, find some coworkers that are also interested in monitoring and facilitating changes around your workplace. This way, you can have perspectives from across the company and a support team for following through on projects.

Recycling – There are many, many things you can recycle in a workplace. Paper is one of the first that comes to mind, but plastic, cardboard, and aluminum cans are also important products to recycle. You should always check to see what your local recycling facility can accept before implementing a recycling program. Another form of recycling is donating old office furniture or electronics. Furniture waste is becoming a big issue, so donate those old office chairs instead of throwing them out!

Office plants – One small way to brighten up your workspace is by getting office plants that double as natural air purifiers. Research from NASA shows that indoor plants can reduce 87% of air pollutants within just a day. There are many different types of plants that can thrive in a workplace environment and only need minimal care.

Paper – Many companies have already made the shift to use less paper. When possible, try and offer digital copies instead of printing something out. Internal digital systems will safely host all your documents and limit the need for hard copies. Along this vein, setting up direct deposits for employees will reduce paper and streamline paydays for HR.

Lights – LED and natural lighting are both great options to lessen your energy usage. LED bulbs are easy to install, save energy, and last longer than traditional bulbs. Motion sensor lights will also ensure empty rooms aren’t left with lights on. When possible, utilize the natural lighting you have. Use any bright windows and keep the lights off on a sunny day.

Water – Repair any leaky faucets or running toilets. These fixes will cut down on wasting water and help your dealership save on the water bill.

Sustainable vendors – When it is time to re-order products you use every day in your facility, take a closer look at your options. What products can you switch out for a more sustainable version? You can also look for companies that offer closed-loop programs. Petoskey Plastics buys back certain plastic products from customers to turn into recycled resin.

Best of luck making your dealership more sustainable! For more ideas, check out our suggestions from last year.