The Four Touchpoints You Need to Know About

There are four major touchpoints inside a vehicle that come in close contact with the driver and service technician. It is recommended that these areas are covered and protected with the inexpensive disposable products listed below so when the vehicle is returned to the customer, it is free from dirt, grime, oil, grease, and disease.

Steering Wheel. The steering wheel is the most touched interior surface during a car’s service. Keep dirt, grease, and germs off the surface with a full-coverage protective cover that slips easily over the top and bottom of the wheel.

Gear Shift. Protect service technicians and customers with a small bag cover on the gear shift.

Driver’s Seat. Protect upholstery with disposable seat covers. Put on before service and take off afterward to leave the seat untouched.

Floorboards. Paper and plastic floor mats protect the carpet from any reside tracked into the vehicle from the service technician’s shoes.

Protecting these four touchpoints will keep your customers satisfied with the service on their vehicle and not disappointed with any mess that’s left behind.

Learn how to easily install our products on these four touchpoints with this short video.

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